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Posted on May 19, 2020

Five Points Service Center

I'm sure you have heard it's important to keep engine oil clean and changed every 3-5K miles. Here is a prime example as to why this is important. Not only does the engine keep cool and running smooth with good clean oil, it maintains vital pressure to components and valves whose job is to keep engine timing. This is an exhaust cam that is slam full of sludge. Because the valve was so full the engine was losing compression and at risk of locking up. Not only is oil frequency important, so is oil quality. European cars are finely tuned and using the specific oil required will save thousands in repairs over time. Yes, some of that oil can be as much as $25.00 a qt, but using that oil can save you on some costly repairs. We get calls about the cost of an oil service at our shop, I know ours are a bit pricey. The reason being is we use quality name brand synthetics specifically engineered for your make and model vehicle. To us, an oil change isn't a gimmick to get you in the door just to sell more service, its a long term investment. The return is slower, but the value is great in having a reliable running vehicle and avoid of costly repairs.
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